Medical Education

Medical Education

Medical Education Team

The Medical Education Team discharges the duty of the Local Authority in ensuring that arrangements are in place for pupils who are unable to attend school because of their medical needs, to have appropriate and ongoing access to education.
The Team consists of qualified teachers and teaching assistants who are skilled in teaching pupils of statutory school age with a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological health needs.

Recoupment of 80% of the weekly AWPU will apply whilst the pupil is taught by the MET.

Our Aim
We recognise that all pupils are entitled to an education of high quality and are committed to ensuring that the needs of this vulnerable group of learners are met. Our aim is to provide seamless continuation of teaching and learning responsive to individual needs and in support of a successful and timely return as soon as the pupil's health allows.

Consultants, paediatricians, psychiatrists and psychologists refer pupils to MET when a medical condition seriously compromises a pupil’s attendance at school -  access is dependent on provision of Consultants letter.

The Medical Team works in close conjunction with the school to assess the pupil’s educational needs and together a plan is agreed to provide support. 

The Medical Education Team provides:

  • Advice to schools on the procedures to be followed when a pupil is absent from school as a result of medical needs
  • Education from the fifteenth day of absence from school (consecutive or cumulative) or from the first day when illness is recurrent/prolonged
  • A range of educational provision, tailored to the individual needs of each pupil and detailed in Personal Education Plans
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of pupil progress
  • Tuition in a range of settings if professionals involved with the CYP and the MET agree this is appropriate to meet need.
  • Reintegration planning and support as appropriate 
  • Close liaison with school based and external partner agencies/professionals  - including CAMHS and other health professionals

Pupils should remain on the roll of their school, which retains overall responsibility for their education whilst they are unable to attend due to medical reasons.


To contact the Medical Education Team:

Email: Ann.O'

Phone: 01905 678200


  • Medical Education Team Service Level Agreement 2016/2017

    Specialist Teaching Services Medical Education Team Service Level Agreement Revised for 2016/2017

  • Specialist Teaching Referral Form


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