Hearing Impairment

Hearing Impairment

Hearing Impairment Team

The Hearing Impairment Team provides advice and support throughout the county regarding the educational needs of hearing impaired children. The support is offered from the point of diagnosis throughout the early years and at pre-school level, through to further and higher education, where post school provision is made by Worcestershire Access and Inclusion Service, F/HE.

The Team is made up of:

  • Qualified teachers for children with a hearing impairment
  • Educational Audiologists
  • Communication Skills Adviser
  • Specially trained Teaching Assistants
  • Specialist Technical Support Staff

What we offer:

As part of the service offer commissioned by the local authority we provide assessment, monitoring and review of children & young people based on eligibility criteria.

Bespoke time-based consultancy support can be purchased as part of our traded offer.

The Service provides a comprehensive programme of support to schools, parents, other agencies and professionals, which includes the following areas:

  • Audio logical advice and support
  • Assessment of the child’s communication needs
  • Early years and pre-school support and parent guidance
  • Educational advice and specialist assessments
  • Provision and maintenance of specialist equipment
  • Customised support packages and teaching in mainstream and special schools
  • Monitoring and evaluation programmes
  • Assessments of inclusive practice
  • Records of visits
  • Professional development and training for Health and Education personnel
  • Liaison with other agencies and professionals

A member of our team will become involved with the child, parents and school as soon as a hearing loss is suspected.  A referral to the Hearing Impairment Team can be made by contacting the team directly, through the child’s school via the SENCO, or via other agencies.


Hearing Impairment team contact:

Melissa Boxall, Professional Lead Sensory Impairment
Tel: 01905 678189



  • SEND Eligibility Criteria 16/17

    Eligibility Criteria for SEN, Disabilities and Inclusion Teams

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