Autism/Complex Communication Needs (CCN)

Autism/Complex Communication Needs (CCN)

The Autism/ Complex Communication Needs team are qualified specialist teachers and specialist practitioners with vast experience of addressing the needs of children and young people on the autism spectrum from early years to higher education.

The team also support teachers and education professionals to meet the individual teaching, learning and wellbeing needs of students with autism in their educational setting. We also provide high quality autism training and deliver the Autism Education Trust (AET) training programmes and resources. This training is the DfE training of choice and we are the licensed trainers for Worcestershire.

As part of the statutory education service commissioned by the Local Authority, we provide assessment, monitoring and review of children and young people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in line with eligibility criteria.

Schools and settings can purchase additional support where the needs of the child/young person do not meet the threshold for support comissioned by the Local Authority for Worcestershire.  Visit Autism/Complex Communication Needs SLA for further information on what is delivered as part of our traded offer or Autism Education Trust Programme for information on available Autism training.


Advice and support is offered which may include:

  • Strategies and interventions to address the child's or young person's specific needs in accessing the curriculum and social environment
  • Direct work with the child or young person
  • Advice for staff involved in working with the child or young person
  • Identification of resources to support strategies and programmes
  • The development of individual learning goals
  • Support to parents/carers
  • Contribution to the review process at School Action Plus and Statement of Educational Need
  • Contribution to the Statutory Assessment process
  • Monitoring the progress of the child or young person to inform future planning
  • Support to achieve effective transitions
  • Training in autism awareness and specific strategies and interventions for individuals, peers or whole school staff.


Who are the Autism/ Complex Communication Needs Team?

Autism Team







The team have a range of specialist qualifications within the team, ranging from Post Graduate Certificate in Autism, through to a Master’s Degree in Autism. They support and contribute to the development of creative and innovative projects informed by local, regional, national and international research.




To discuss any specific requirements or find out more about the Autism/ CCN service please get in touch:

01905 678172



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