School Improvement

School Improvement

Worcestershire County Council has commissioned Babcock Prime School Improvement Service to deliver a range of services to all LA maintained schools. Together we have created our School Improvement Strategy 'Aiming for Outstanding'.

Our key priorities are:

  • Working in partnership to build capacity and share good practice
  • Securing good outcomes and progress for all pupils, particularly those that are vulnerable and from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Developing high quality pedagogical leadership to secure sustainable improvements


All Worcestershire LA maintained schools will receive access to the following:

  • a named School Improvement Adviser to provide guidance and support
  • additional support and challenge dependent upon level of need (tiered support);
  • support with Ofsted inspection (for priority schools)
  • support for headteacher recruitment and induction of new headteachers;
  • statutory moderation processes;
  • support for brokering school to school support;
  • regular communications e.g. via website, newsletters.

*As part of the support for LA maintained schools, a member of the School Improvement Service, usually the School Improvement Adviser linked to the school, will be available to talk to the HMI or Lead Inspector during a Section 5 or Section 8 Ofsted inspection. They will attend the inspection feedback whenever possible.


Identifying the level of need within a school (Tiered Support)

All schools are ultimately responsible for their own performance and must develop their own capacity for improvement. However, Babcock Prime, working on behalf of Worcestershire Local Authority, is statutorily required to provide challenge and support to schools in line with their current progress and circumstances. In order to distinguish between highly effective schools and those schools requiring additional support to respond effectively to meeting the needs of all pupils, we have identified criteria by which we will monitor schools. We will therefore undertake an initial Risk Assessment following which schools will be categorised into one of the following groups:

Category of School

Level of Support

Overview Support Schools – likely to be a ‘good or outstanding school’ at the next Ofsted inspection.

One day support from the School Improvement Adviser. This can be either a single school option or a partnership option.**

Focused Support Schools – at risk of being judged ‘Requires Improvement’ (RI) at the next inspection, currently RI or ‘wobbly 1 or 2’.

Progress meetings with the Area Schools’ Manager and a School Improvement Adviser. Additional time (up to 3 days) to support the implementation of the school action plan.**

Intensive Support Schools – at risk of being judged inadequate at the next inspection, currently judged as inadequate or involving significant risk/s.

At least half termly progress meetings with the Area Schools’ Manager and a School Improvement Adviser, additional SIA time (up to 6 days) to support the implementation of the school action plan and support from Learning and Teaching Advisers (up to 6 days) and /or brokered support from a Teaching School, National or Local Leaders in Education, as determined by the school’s action plan.**

**For further details please refer to the School Improvement Policy for 2016-2017


In addition to the above, maintained schools requiring additional support can purchase traded services. A traded service provison is also purchasable for non-maintained schools wishing to benefit from the School Improvement service.

The directory of traded services provides information on support services available to purchase.



To discuss your requirements for School Improvement , contact:

Telephone: 01905 678200


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