Single Central Record Healthcheck

Schools and colleges must maintain a single central record of pre-appointment checks. Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2019)

Your single central record is a key part of evidence that inspectors will look at when inspecting your school safeguarding.

Make sure your recording is compliant with statutory guidance with a School Central Record Healthcheck.


What should be included in the Single Central Record?

The Department for Education (DfE) published statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) outlines the recruitment and selection processes, recruitment and vetting checks, duties of safeguarding and promoting welfare of children in education. KCSiE states the single record check must cover the following people:

  • all staff (inclusing teacher trainees on salaried routes, agency and third party supply staff who work at teh school. In colleges this means those providing education to children and
  • for independent schools, all members of teh proprietor body. In teh case of academies and free schools, this means the members and trustees of the academy trust

The minimum information that must be recorded in respect of staff members (including teacher trainees on salaried routes) is whether teh following checks have been carried out or certificates obtained, and the date on which each check was completed/certificate obtaind:

  • an identity check
  • a barred list check
  • an enhanced DBS check/certificate
  • a prohibition from teaching check
  • furtrher checks on people who have lived or worked outside the UK
  • a check of professional qualifications
  • a check to establish the person's right to work in the UK
  • a section 128 check

Colleges must record whether the person's position involves 'relevant activity' (regularly caring, training, supervising or being solely in charge of persons aged under 18)

Schools and colleges must also include wether written confirmation of relevant checks have been carried out and appropraite certificates have been obtained by the business supplying agency and third party staff.


Single Central Records Best Practice

The single central record can be used to store other relevant information such as checklist of safeguarding training and the date undertaken.


Ensure your single central record is compliant with statutory guidance with our Single Central Record Healthcheck 

The aim of this healthcheck is to review your single central record; compare with requirements of KCSiE and Ofsted expectations; check for gaps in data and ensure that your recording is effective and works best for the school or college.

The healthcheck includes an initial visit, action plan and follow up.


Cost: £225 +VAT

To find out more and book your healthcheck contact Rachael Oakley

01905 678137

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