Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) delivers statutory and traded psychological services for children and young people, within a range of community settings such as pre-schools, schools, colleges, children's homes and centres. We provide advice ensuring the safety and psychological needs of children and young people are met, promoting a sense of wellbeing, developing positive emotional health and helping children and young people reach their potential.

Our Aim

  • To support families and schools in raising the standard of achievement of pupils particularly those with SEN
  • To promote inclusive policies and practice
  • To promote and support the inclusion of Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in schools, settings and their community.

What we offer:

statutory service, commissioned by the Local Authority, includes assessment and review of children and young people with a Statement of special educational need/ Education, Health and Care Plan, attendance at selected annual review meetings, assessment and report writing to inform placement decisions on behalf of the LA, and activities in relation to SENDiST.

traded service can be purchased by schools & settings and may include early intervention, assessment and support, delivery of training and workshops and project work.

Benefits to you:

  • Our Educational Psychologists develop excellent relationships with pupils and their parents, working together to achieve better outcomes for children and young people
  • Feedback from schools and parents shows that our qualified staff add value to the progress of children and young people when we are involved
  • Our teams are particularly proactive and successful in working with hard to reach families
  • Our Educational Psychologists have postgraduate qualifications at either Masters or Doctoral level and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Worcestershire EPS provides a specialist psychological service to schools within Worcestershire and to children with statements of special educational needs (SENs) of Worcestershire residents educated elsewhere.


Schools - to contact the team: Email the Educational Psychologists

Telephone: 01905 678139

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