Visual Impairment Team Winner in Great British Button Challenge

The Visually Impairment Team has won a prize in the Great British Button Challenge run by Hobbycraft.

As part of an incentive to get Britain sewing again, Hobbycraft gave out free buttons to schools, and challenged teachers to bring sewing back into UK classrooms.

Each member of the Visually Impairment team took a square of fabric into a school and helped blind and partially sighted children sew a braille letter made from buttons.

Linda Webb, Teacher of Visually Impaired Children, then sewed all the pieces together to make one large collage.


The photograph, taken at the Visual Impairment team summer social for children with a sensory impairment, shows the sewing entry. 'Braille is fun!’ is the message featured on the fabric banner.

The teams entry was named as a runner-up in the group category of the Great British Button Challenge. Guest judge Janet Ellis chose the 'Braille is fun' entry from a shortlist, along with two other runners up and a winner.

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