Sensory Teacher works with Lego™ on Inclusion Project

The Lego™ Corporation are currently working to produce a set of Lego bricks featuring the braille alphabet and numerals with the aim of increasing inclusive play in the classroom between blind children and their sighted peers.

Read the Lego™ article:

Eventually, every blind child of school age in England will be given a set, which will include activity ideas and lesson plans for teachers.

Linda Webb from Babcock Prime's Sensory Impairment Team was asked to join the research panel as an Early Years advisor with extensive experience of inclusion in mainstream. She devised a number of pre-braille games and activities which are based on the key skills required for young blind children to learn braille, but will enable them to play together with their sighted peers.

Sue Lock from New College, who is coordinating this research development, has said 'Thank you - these ideas show you are the right person for this job … it's a great collection of activities and you have exceeded my expectations!'

Linda's activity plans have now been shared across the globe to other countries piloting the project, including France, Germany, USA, Brazil and Denmark. A fantastic achievement Linda – well done!

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