Partnership work to reduce NEETs

The Careers Advice and Guidance Team at Babcock Prime contribute to the reduction of the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) figure by providing impartial careers advice and guidance on further education, training, re-engagement and employability pathways to NEET (Years 12/13) young people across the whole of Worcestershire.

Each month the team contact all NEET young people via phone, email, letter, home visit or through other agencies and providers such as Youth Justice, Housing and CAMHS.

The team prioritise the most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners (Children Looked After, Care Leavers and Pupils with Special Educational Needs - SEN) working closely with Social Care, the Virtual School and SEN Team at Worcestershire Children First.

“The context within which we work is challenging. The young people we work with are often the most vulnerable and hard to reach.”

The strength of partnership working comes from the teams’ extensive experience working with NEET young people. This allows them to respond to the individual needs of young people, helping them to overcome potential barriers by signposting and making appropriate referrals to stakeholder and wider partners. Within Babcock, the team provide consultancy to colleagues from other teams supporting vulnerable learners such as the Medical Education Team and Autism Outreach.

The team meet with all new providers who deliver NEET provision in Worcestershire. Earlier this year the team helped training provider Work Pays, to become aware of young people previously unidentified by the provider - Children Missing Education (CME) and those electively home educated. This opened up a wider audience network for the provider to target to ensure more young people could access appropriate provision.

The current figure for NEETs in Worcestershire is 2.4% (August 2019) which is below the national average of 3.2% - reflecting the hard work of the team.

For more information on Worcestershire’s NEETs strategy and Raising the Participation Age contact the Careers Advice Team:

01905 678147

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