New Year Planning 2020

It's 2020 and the start of a new term, new year and new decade filled with new opportunities, planning and great expectations.

Have you made new year's resolutions for your school?

Are you making plans to improve and develop?

One of the best opportunities for growth is to reflect and review your current position and goals. An audit is a great way to examine the goals you successfully tackled and address any unexpected events. You can learn from these experiences and develop a plan of action to achieve new goals and make improvements.

If too much information and not enough time is a barrier to reflection, then an independent audit will provide an objective and fair review in accordance with standards, framework and best practice and will provide assurance and areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Our unbiased professionals can provide truly effective audits and reviews across a range of areas:

  • SEND
  • Pupil Premium
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Single Central Record
  • Attendance
  • School Improvement
  • Strategies and Policies
  • Governance
  • Ofsted Readiness
  • Most Able Learners
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment and Data
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Practice
  • Data Protection


To find out more or to book an audit for your school contact:





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