How well do you support pupils with English as an additional language?

There are nearly 6000* English as an Additional Language learners in Worcestershire Schools.

A learner of English as an Additional Language (EAL) is a pupil whose first language is not English. Children may speak English but an EAL learner most likely speaks languages other than English at home.


How long does it take a child to develop conversational skills in English and appropriate academic proficiency in English?

It takes between one to two years to develop basic conversational skills in English and can take up to four to eight years to develop academic proficiency in English (also known as CALP - cognitive academic language proficiency).

Specialist support during this time is therefore important to help children succeed in school and improve their vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills.


Does your school have the right language-learning environment to support your English as an Additional Language learners?

Each EAL learner is different and comes from a different educational background. It is important to determine each learner’s educational level and aid them accordingly to let them learn at their own pace.

Children find it more difficult to learn English if they are not provided with the right experiences, environment and adult support. Your school leadership and management, teaching and learning, environment, assessment process, parental engagement and emotional health and wellbeing provision all contribute to how effective your support is for EAL learners. An audit of your provision will help identify positive features and highlight any areas for improvement.


The Learning Support EAL team is available to audit your EAL provision and support you with ways to improve learners proficiency through staff training, resources, advice, interventions and assessment.

The EAL service is free to Worcetershire maintained schools and is available to purchase for non-maintained schools.


To find out how you can improve the proficiency in English of your EAL pupils contact Helen Davies 


*5991 children aged 4-15 recorded as EAL learners in the Worcestershire Autumn 2019 census

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