Gypsy Roma Traveller Improved Attendance Project

Gypsy Roma Traveller Pupils Attendance Improved through Digital Inclusion Project

The Digital Inclusion project brings together the Babcock Prime Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team and Rooftop Housing Association to develop a strategy to improve the academic attainment and school attendance of the children who live on a residential site managed by Rooftop.

Worcestershire has a large Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community and they account for the largest minority group within the county.

The Gypsy Roma Traveller Support Team provides education support and family advocacy to the community and Travellers who reside in Worcestershire. The aim of the support service is to ensure every child has equal access to education and ensure all schools and settings have access to information and guidance of Traveller Communities and their culture.

Rooftop Housing Association and the Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team are both members of the Worcestershire Gypsy Roma Traveller Partnership (WGRTP). Membership of the partnership brought the organisations together and enabled the creation of a project to work together to encourage school attendance. The Digital Inclusion Project's aim is to support children’s learning, improve school attendance and engagement across the only Housing Association caravan site in Worcestershire.

One of the incentives used to encourage children to attend school more regularly is that those who attain over 85% attendance (national minimum) will be eligible to receive a laptop and access to free Wi-Fi on the site to further aid with their homework and studies.

A presentation took place at Wythall Library on Tuesday 22nd March to congratulate 5 children & their parents on their commitment and achievement to attendance of over 85%. The children from Woodrush High School, The Coppice Primary School and Tidbury Green School were each presented with their laptop by Ian Hughes, Chief Executive of Rooftop Housing Group.

The presentation of the laptops aims to inspire other children on the site to also improve their attendance and become part of the project.

Kay Poole, Lead Advisor of the Babcock Prime Gypsy Roma Traveller Support Team said the partnership “helped ensure all barriers are removed for GRT pupils in schools”.

The children commented that the laptops were “really great” and would help with completing homework.

Babcock Prime GRT Team and pupils

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