Five top tips for schools in addressing attendance matters

Pupils who frequently miss school can fall behind with their work and may not reach their full potential.

What strategies does your school have in place to address attendance and ensure pupils have the greatest opportunity to learn?

Follow the Education Welfare Teams guidance on data, legal compliance, intervention, parental engagement and how to escalate concerns.


  1. Know your data
    Utilise your own school attendance data in detail – it will enable you to identify particular reasons for absence and also irregular attendance patterns. Your school can then focus on resourcing the most appropriate actions required.

  2. Ensure you are legally compliant
    Accurate marking of the registers is a legal requirement of all schools. To ensure your school is marking accurately and in accordance with the legal requirements the register regulations can be found at

  3. Intervene early to prevent persistent absentees
    Identifying and working with irregular attendees and their families will ensure the most proactive approach and will often enable attendance issues to be easily addressed before they have chance to escalate and the pupil then becomes a persistent absentee (PA).

  4. Find creative ways to engage ‘hard to reach’ parents
    Offering alternative times to accommodate shift patterns, finding off site neutral meeting venues or ensuring someone in school is available to support EAL parents are easy ways to engage often hard to reach groups. There are many more creative ways to engage parents and by considering any specific needs within your school community you can ensure you are making it as easy as possible to encourage parents to work with you to address any attendance concerns.

  5. Escalate concerns
    In some instances there maybe welfare or safeguarding concerns highlighted through poor attendance. It is important for all schools to act upon these in a timely and robust way in line with their schools policies and procedures and ensuring all safeguarding duties are met.


Make a significant impact upon pupil attainment, outcomes and wellbeing by attending our attendance matters sessions or contact the Education Welfare team to dicuss ways we can support you in addressing attendance matters:

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