Exclusive opportunity to hear from Daisy Christodoulou

Daisy Christodoulou’s ‘Seven Myths About Education’ book became one of the most talked-about in education. The book examines seven widely-held beliefs which she feels are holding back pupils and teachers:

  • Facts prevent understanding
  • Teacher-led instruction is passive  
  • The 21st century fundamentally changes everything  
  • You can always just look it up  
  • We should teach transferable skills  
  • Projects and activities are the best way to learn  
  • Teaching knowledge is indoctrination

In this You-Tube video Daisy presents on formative assessment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJco-frAql8

Our Assessment Masterclass with Daisy Christodoulou on Tuesday 19th June will look at ‘What Makes for Good Formative Assessment?’
This masterclass is essential for all teachers and senior leaders to reflect on current practice and explore key themes in education today.

Daisy has stopped committing to keynote events so this masterclass is a fantastic opportunity to hear Daisy speak and share ideas for developing assessment across your school.


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