Chadsgrove News Project

Last year we launched an exciting initiative to provide up to £50,000 funding to support and develop innovative ideas and projects that would benefit learners in Worcestershire. Funding was allocated to ten projects across eight schools with Chadsgrove School receiving an allocation of funding to run three projects.

  • Chadsgrove News

The Chadsgrove News project aims to promote confidence, self-esteem, independence and a range of cross-curricular skills for students with special educational needs and disabilities, through the production of  videos which report on  news and activities within the school.

“The funding is making a real difference... and we are delighted with the outcomes to date” Deb Rattley, Headteacher at Chadsgrove School

To view the Chadsgrove News channel on you tube visit:  


  • Forward Pathways ‘Working Together for Innovative Education’

To provide educational opportunities for young people aged between 16-25 with physical disabilities and/or complex health needs, through a 5-day per week Learning Centre. The project will provide training and skills development for Post-16 students to gain a Level 1 qualification in ‘Health and Social Care’ and promotes outstanding educational learning, independence, self-awareness and mental well-being.

  • Developing 'Local Leaders of SEND'

Having recognised that there are a number of very experienced and qualified SENCOs within Worcestershire who could become 'Local Leaders of SEND' with additional training, coaching and mentoring, Chadsgrove aim to develop 'Local Leaders of SEND' who could provide additional support to schools experiencing difficulties with SEND or support new to post SENCOs.






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