Celebrating National Fitness Day 2019

As part of our strategy to improve wellbeing in the workplace, we celebrated National Fitness Day On Wednesday 25th September.

National Fitness Day is a celebration of physical activity and hopes to inspire the nation to move more. Moving is good for your body and mind. But it’s difficult to be active when you are sat at your desk all day.

Sitting at your desk for hours increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Just ten minutes of activity can help your physical health and mental health.

To promote physical activity on the day, an email containing suggestions of active moves that could be done during the working day, was sent to all staff. The ‘Deskercise’ moves shown in the poster were posed for by Babcock Prime staff. Staff also brought in all sorts of fitness paraphernalia to use on the day.

Download the Deskercise poster

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