5000 Vulnerable Children Supported This Year

The total number of children and young people supported this year by the combined teams of Children Missing Education (CME), Education Welfare Services, Elected Home Education (EME), Exclusions, Looked After Children, Gypsy, Roma Traveller and Child Employment and Entertainment (CEE) is in excess of 5000.

Between September 2018 and June 2019, the Education Welfare Service (EWS) has successfully worked and closed over 1270 CME (Children Missing Education) cases.
The service continues to use its investigative skills to successfully ensure the confirmed whereabouts and educational provision of such cases and continues to strive to meet the growing demand in CME case numbers.
Positive feedback from both parents and external agencies has highlighted the impact the team's support and assistance makes in such cases. Schools have also reported they are reassured these reported cases are being followed up robustly.

Well done to all these teams!

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