Vision Impairment

The Vision Impairment Team support babies, children and students with a vision impairment, their families and carers.

Vision Impairment


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The Vision Impairment Team support babies, children and students with a visual impairment, their families and carers. The support is offered from the point of diagnosis throughout the early years and at pre-school level, through to further and higher education, where post school provision is made by Worcestershire Access and Inclusion Service, F/HE.

As part of the service offer commissioned by the local authority we provide assessment, monitoring and review of children & young people based on eligibility criteria.

Schools and settings can purchase additional support where the needs of the child/young person do not meet the threshold for support comissioned by the Local Authority for Worcestershire.  Visit Vision Impairment Support for further information on what is delivered as part of our traded offer.


What do the Vision impairment team offer?

  • Identification and assessment of vision impairment in consultation with families/carers, professionals and other agencies
  • Deliver formal and informal training
  • Work with parents/carers by:
    • Explaining the diagnosis
    • Giving early intervention and supporting in the home to help parents develop skills in management of their vision impaired child
    • Offering support and advice by giving information about other agencies. support groups, specialist toys and equipment
    • Advising on school entry and phase transfer
  • Work with schools and settings by:
    • Directly supporting pupils with a vision impairment and parents at home and/ or playgroup/nursery
    • Assessment of functional vision and the impact on learning in order to give advice to the class teacher
    • Giving advice regarding equipment and materials appropriate for the child’s needs
    • Provide on-going assessment of the child's needs by systematic observation
    • Working with other professionals supporting  child with a vision impairment
    • Offering INSET and advice to schools providing a smooth transition from home to school placement and between schools
    • On-going assessment of vision, auditory and tactile functioning 
    • Advice on the development of inclusive teaching strategies
    • Giving advice on specialist equipment, resources, modified materials and classroom management
    • Specialist teaching of Braille, Moon, touch typing and the use of access technology
    • Advice on specific environmental adaptations to promote inclusion
    • Mobility training
    • Contributing to Statutory Assessment, Reviews, IEPs and programmes of work
    • Advising on special arrangements for examinations where appropriate
    • Working with Teaching Assistants to ensure appropriate support is offered
    • Working with pupils to develop strategies for independent learning


To discuss your requirements for vision impairment support please contact:

Melissa Boxall, Professional Lead for Sensory Impairment

01905 678189



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