Case Studies

Exclusion Learning Support Intervention

Poor reading and writing skills and disruptive behaviour put a pupil at risk of permanent exclusion.

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Intervention to support pupil with an EHCP

Unable to meet the needs of a pupils with an EHCP, a school were considering moving the pupil to specialist provision.

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Hearing Impairment support from birth

Hearing Impairment intervention from birth to support family, setting and improve child language development.

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No communication to budding actor - hearing support intervention

Child identified as having a moderate-severe hearing loss 2 months before starting school, no spoken language and few basic signs to communicate. Her language levels are now age appropriate and studying performing arts at college.

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Educational Psychology support to re-integrate a pupil

Successful Educational Psychology support to re-integrate a young person back into education after being out of school for over a year due to anxiety.

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Nursery Safeguarding Audit

The nursery wanted to ensure children were safeguarded and that the setting was ready for inspection.

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Active Listening Thumbs Up With Fidget

Early Years Team use 'Fidget the Rabbit' to introduce active listening to children and use visual aids to support story telling to engage children in learning and help identify any possible speech and language needs more quickly.

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“Excellent resources and fantastic discussion about daily challenges faced as SENCO. Helen’s knowledge is so vast and explains concepts in such a good way that makes it easy to implement new ideas”

Simon Marshal, Witton Middle School

Feedback from SENCo Leadership Development Programme - March 2018

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